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BePardomas Youth Project




The BePardomas Youth Project is designed to inspire, motivate, and educate our youth on issues related to health, fitness, and overall well being. We have several ways of working through our youth. Our focus is to empower our youth and give them the mindset that they can achieve their goals and to not idolize others but to become their own idol. It is our goal to make an impact on our youth by encouraging a mindset of Education over Idolization. 



Photo Fundraiser


The BePardomas "Photo Fundraiser"  is designed to empower our youth with giving them the opportunity to be photographed in advertisement style photographs. These images are not only designed to provide tangible memories from this time in their lives but to show them in the same light as celeberties that areidolized. We want to show that every person has it in them to be a success. These images are a constant reminder of how successful they are today. These images provide great memories for their families as well, images they'll be proud to show friends and family members for years to come. 

For more financial efficiency  we offer packages that combined sports photos with lifestyle portraiture. This is ideal for Senior Portraits or annual student portraiture. We have packages that work with many budgets. 

BePardomas wants to work with and support the programs that support our youth. Our intention is to develop a long lasting relationships with these programs. We will donate a portion of the proceeds of all photos and packages purchased back to the program to support the success of the program. 


To get us involved with a particular program or to find out specific rates contact us for more details. 



Educational Workshops

BePardomas offers motivational and educational workshops to youth organizations (schools, YMCA's, sports teams, etc.). The workshops are designed to inspire, motivate, and educate kids giving them the knowledge and resources to excel in their future. We talk about the importance of health, fitness, and nutrition with an emphasis on education over idolization. We feel that it is important that kids understand what goes into leading a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle. With social media being a primary influencer in our youths daily lives, many are given a false reality to what it takes to be successful and healthy. Our youth 

sees social media icons  and believe they have to do certain things or look certain ways to be successful. This ideology is a primary cause for our youth to start unhealthy habits such as eating disorders and miss use of supplements. These habit can also lead to mental health issues which cause long lasting damaging effects. Our workshops combat these topics and allow our youth to see the realities of life, open a path to healthy and structured lifestyles, and motivation to empower themselves to go after their goals and becoming their own idols.

For more information on hosting one of our workshops or to get more involved please contact us.


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