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Becoming Your Own Idol!

The purpose of our workshops is to connect people to an inspiring and motivating community that will help them establish, pursue, and achieve their own personal goals. Not only do we want to inspire and motivate our attendees but give them tangible resources they can actually start putting into action as soon as they leave our workshop.  


We truly believe in our mission statement, "All of us together can be bigger than any one of us alone." Our workshops not only inspire, motivate, and educate attendees, but allow them to build a network with Pardomas Executives, Guest Motivators, and other like minded attendees. They also have the opportunity to participate in a professional photo shoot, engage in an instructional seminar on personal/business development skills, receive education on legal resources and technical legal basics for any new business, lesson on self-branding and marketing structure and an open forum Q&A with the educational panel. 







About the workshops


Workshop Overview:

The definition of Pardomas is “Reflection”. BePardomas is our call to action to encourage and challenge people to be their own reflection; be their own person and work towards achieving their own personal goals. Instead of idolizing others, we encourage everyone to educate themselves by learning from our knowledge, experiences, failures, and successes. We want to motivate and educate individuals to become the best version of themselves that they can be. 

The number of people struggling with self esteem continues to increase each day, not only in the fitness industry, but in our society as a whole. Social media has a significant impact on both males and females of all ages, especially our youth, making it one one the primary contributors to negative self image. The seemingly glamorous lifestyles of others often seen on social media can become a distraction from achieving ones own ambitions. Idolization can create a sense of inadequacy and lack of motivation or cause people to strive to achieve goals or a lifestyle that is not true to themselves. 

The purpose of our workshops is to connect people to an inspiring and motivating community that will help them establish, pursue, and achieve their own personal goals. We truly believe in our mission statement, “All of us together can be bigger than any one of us alone.” Our workshops not only inspire, motivate and educate attendees, but allow them to build a network with Pardomas Executives, Guest Motivators and other like minded attendees. They also have the opportunity to participate in a professional photo shoot, receive photoshoot/competition posing instruction from industry leading athletes and photographers, and an open forum Q&A with Guest Motivators and Pardomas Executives.

Open Networking:

The open networking portion is a great way to break the ice and allow everyone to feel comfortable with each other right from the start. Each member of the BePardomas team are at an individual station. Attendees are divided into small groups which then rotate through each station allowing them to network with each member on a much more personal level. This is more of a “one on one” networking and relationship building experience that attendees really enjoy. Not only do we want you to get to know us, but we want to get to know you to build that relationship. 

Motivational Panel:

Each of the Guest Educators will talk about their story's in detail. Each Guest Educator that is invited to speak has a story that is truly inspirational and aligns with the BePardomas branding and overall message. BePardomas invites a variety of guest speakers with various backgrounds and experiences to give our attendees a greater experience and a chance to relate to each educator.

Personal/Business Development Seminar:

This speaking seminar portion of the workshop is conducted by the Pardomas and BePardomas Founder and C.E.O. Robbie Snider. During this segment Robbie will be speaking about important principals to find success in life and/or the business world. These concepts can be applied towards trying to achieve personal goals developing a business. This section of the workshop has been designed to shift how you view attacking your goals and learn to develop the mindset and organization to actually achieve your goals. Filled with inspiration and motivation, Robbie will break down the crucial thought process towards success. These concepts are the keys that propelled BePardomas towards a clear goal and success.

Photo Shoot:

For most of the people who attend our workshops this is their first professional photo shoot, we will walk you through it and help you each step of the way down to your posing. We believe everyone is photo shoot ready. We get them out of their comfort zone and urge them to embrace who they are at that stage of their journey. Who they are today should be documented and celebrated. Each attendee has the opportunity to be photographed in two different looks, and will select 4 final images to be professionally retouched and edited from approximately 50 proofs.  

Marketing/Legal Seminar:

Many of the attendees to the BePardomas workshops are either trying to start their own business or develop their own brand within a particular industry. When starting off many don't know where to start and are unaware of important information to protect themselves and their brand. In this seminar BePardomas Chief Legal Officer and staff will give an overview on basic marketing strategies, brand development, different types of  business entities and which is right for you, basic contracts to have in place, employment considerations, tax information, and more. This segment will help propel each attendee to taking the actual steps in developing their own brands and becoming the best reflections of themselves.

Shannon Montgomery 
Chief Legal Officer

Open Forum Q&A Seminar:

This is a favorite portion of the workshop for many attendees. They have the chance to pick the brains of the entire educational panel. This is the perfect time to ask follow-up to anything discussed in the workshop. During the registration process attendees can submit 3 topics that they would like the panel to discus in detail. Once the pre-submitted topics are covered it’s an open forum. We encourage questions on all topics ranging from nutrition, coaching, and entrepreneurship, to social media, v-logging(YouTube), etc.. 



For upcoming workshop locations and dates please email us for more information


Limited Time Pricing!

Due to the changes we've recently made to the structure of our workshops we are offering a special limited time pricing and packages. For more information and details please contact us.

(760) 583-6555

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Who are the workshops intended for?

These workshops are perfect for anyone that is trying to find inspiration, motivation, further education towards achieving a personal or professional goal If you're looking for resources that will provide you self-empowerment this is the place for you. This workshop isn't just a place to get motivated but a place to get answers to the questions all of us have of where to start. If you have an idea or a goal that you want to put into action but don't know how to properly structure it to get started this workshop is perfect for you!

Is it for females only?

Nothing about our workshop is gender specific. Every aspect of the workshop is designed to include both males and females equally and provide beneficial information to everyone who attends.

What if I'm not "photo shoot ready"?

We believe that everyone is "photo shoot ready" at any stage. What you look like today is a reflection of who you are in this moment and at this specific stage of your fitness journey. Each stage should be equally documented and celebrated. Getting in front of a camera is as equally nerve racking and outside your comfort zone as it is empowering and rewarding! With the help of our seasoned photographers and our athletes during your shoot we will create strong empowering photos that will undoubtedly put a smile on your face, make you feel empowered, and make you see yourself as the person you truly are! We will create a tangible reflections of you that will allow you to be your own inspiration!


Why does it cost so much?

It is imperative to understand the details that go into our workshop and what yo get out of it. Our  workshops are an investment into yourself and your future. This is not a typical "meet-up" and a chance to just say a quick hello and take a photo with your social media inspirations. This workshop is a chance for you to not just meet us but utilize us as a tool and provide you with services and knowledge so when you leave you feel more focused, inspired, motivated, and educated to reach your own goals. We want to help you become the best representation of yourself and help you achieve YOUR goals. As individuals we offer photo shoots, ebooks with information, etc. at a cost. In our workshop we are providing all of these things combined together in one affordable cost. Just a photo shoot alone typical costs $280+.  

Do I need to be experienced in the fitness industry?

NO! The great thing about how are workshops are designed they cater to both beginners and people experienced with health and fitness. Being newer to fitness is even better! You will not only be learning from the BePardomas team and Guest Educators but you will be networking and developing relationships with other like minded people who are also attending. So many people have made long term friends, workout partners, and other business connections at our workshop. We will help you and teach you through every aspect of the workshop. This is a safe place to learn and step outside your comfort zone with the support of the Pardomas Staff, Athletes, and other Attendees!

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