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The BePardomas Brand is about helping people achieve their goals and to be their own reflection. Being an entrepreneur and starting a business is the ultimate form of creating your own reflection. Being a business owner is about committing your entire purpose to a cause that you believe in and reflecting your goals and passions. BePardomas started it's business strategy/development coaching program after seeing the need and the disconnect that many aspiring entrepreneurs are having with not knowing where to start when starting their own brand or business. There are many considerations and basic steps that need to be taken to start a sustainable business and to build a foundation that will allow future success. We cover all aspects of all the initial steps to starting a business everything from a creating a detailed business plan, reviewing the different types of business entities, filing the proper paperwork, developing brand trademarking, developing contracts, strategize your branding, develop a marketing plan, etc. 

The coaching and the advisement is conducted by the BePardomas C.E.O., Robbie Snider, and the Vice President/Chief Legal Officer, Shannon Montgomery. We start with an initial free consultation to determine where you're at in the process and we will discuss with you our strategy in how we plan on helping you to start or grow your business. After our initial free consultation we offer individual sessions or a monthly/bi-annual/annual subscriptions. Within the subscriptions you get access to business coaching on structure, development, strategy, branding etc. as well as legal advise/consultation, trademarking, contract development and more.

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Robbie Snider, C.E.O.

C.E.O. - Robbie Snider is current C.E.O. of Pardomas (media company) and BePardomas. He has 5 years of experience of running a successful business that was also a startup business. He has directed the California based Pardomas to have clientele and supportive fan base in 20 states throughout the United States with strong client interest in Australia, Canada, and Germany. He has experience within the retail industry spending 2.5 years working for R.E.I. (Recreational Equipment Inc.). He worked in several capacities including shipping and receiving, customer service, sales, as well as working closely with the management staff. Robbie started his professional career working as a Police Officer for seven years. Law enforcement has developed his skills in working in high stress situations, working with people to resolve situations, and to problem solve with a “never give up”  approach. His approach to the business world is to constantly learn, assess, network/build lucrative relationships, and to scale up. Robbie is currently enrolled to get his MBA with a certificate in Marketing and Sales. Robbie’s creative vision, experience, and comprehensive understanding of starting and organizing businesses makes him a perfect resource to help guide others to create and start businesses of their own. 

Shannon Montgomery, V.P./C.L.O.

Chief Legal Officer - Shannon Montgomery, has her B.S. from the University of Florida and graduated from Stetson University college of Law. She’s been practicing law for 4 years. The scope of her practice is with the business/financial industries and commercial/business litigation. Shannon is a crucial member of our team dealing with contract negotiations, trademarking, branding, etc.

"All of us together can be bigger than anyone of us alone"


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