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About Us...

Pardomas is a Latvian word meaning "reflection". BePardomas is our brand's call to action for everyone to be their own reflection, not to idolize others but to be their own idol with an emphasis in health, nutrition, and life balance. In today's society, social media usage is at an all time high. Studies are starting to show that the use of social media is feeding into idolization of others, which can promote unhealthy behaviors and false perceptions of reality.  This can lead people feeling inadequate or less motivated to go after achieving personal or professional goals because they don't feel they measure up to others "highlight reels" (social media feeds) or they are given a false reality in what it takes to be successful.  These idolizations have trained our society to believe they can’t do certain things because they don’t look a certain way or have achieved certain successes. 

The BePardomas brand has 5 core concepts that fuels it; Networking, Empowerment, Inspiration, Motivation, and Education. Our goal is to instill these concepts with each of our clients regardless of the working capacity. We provide resources and products that support these 5 core concepts. We work with a variety of people in all different stages of their journey. We work with individuals that are accomplishing personal goals and want to feel simply empowered by their hard work and success by offering fitness or lifestyle photo sessions with industry leading photographers. We also work regularly with young entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting a business, just starting a business, or looking to restructure their business by offering networking/business workshops hosted by BePardomas Executives and Guest Motivators and business strategy/development coaching, from the 

BePardomas Executives (C.E.O., Vice President, and Chief Legal Officer). Our mission of changing the thinking of our society away from over idolization has to come from the ground up, which is why we are implementing our youth project. With our youth project, "BePardomas Youth Project; Be Your Own Idol", we empower our youth with imagery and educational resources to help pave their way towards higher self-esteem and success. 

We truly believe that together we can make a change and develop a growing community that is specifically about inspiring, motiving and educating each  other to live healthier lives and helping each other achieve our individual goals. We are excited to be working with you to build a brighter future.


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